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Absolute Fitness® has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and selling high quality equipment for over 25 years around the globe. Currently, we hold numerous patents in the United States that we incorporate on our own equipment, as well as the equipment for other major companies in the fitness industry.

At Absolute Fitness® we stand by the products that we build.  We adjust to the market because we study the market, helping us engineer and manufacture equipment that provides peak performance, made with high quality materials. Our Chief Engineer and Designer has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, training on equipment, engineering and designing equipment for our own label, and designing equipment for other popular companies in the fitness industry as well. It was his determination, knowledge of the industry, and ability to design a better product that is the heart of Absolute Fitness®, and is the core of our innovative design. 

Absolute Fitness® offers commercial and residential fitness equipment, as well as weights, accessories, media components, flooring, and anything else to build a facility from the ground up. We also offer a robust, fully custom gym management program to our facility customers. We believe in offering our customers everything they will need to start, expand, and/or maintain their facility, making the process smoother, easier, and more efficient.

Absolute Fitness® offers state-of-the-art equipment, designed and constructed with cutting-edge concepts and ideas. We continue to do our best to satisfy our customers with creative technology. At Absolute Fitness® we are exceeding the present and creating the future.


High-Quality Commercial Fitness Equipment

Exceeding the Present.Creating the Future.

High-Quality Commercial-Grade Units

Absolute Fitness has been designing, engineering, and selling the highest quality fitness equipment in the industry for over 25 years.

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